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Polyurethane Resin Flooring

Polyurethanes are the preferred choice for industries that carry out wet processing. Polyurethanes have an impervious chemical resistant surface that makes them the perfect solution for the food, drink, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The Food and Drink industries require products that can cope with continual heavy duty trafficking in both wet and dry environments, and at the same time being safe and hygienic.  Pharmaceutical industries also require the highest order of chemical resistance.

Polyurethane screeds are trowel finished screeds that offer the highest order of durability. They are totally non-porous, offering the best performance in terms of chemical resistance. 

Polyurethanes screeds also have a surface profile that provides excellent slip resistance, even in wet conditions.  

Polyurethane screeds used by Duraflor are also non taint, and have been tested at Campden & Chorleywood  Food Research Association to ensure there suitability for use within the Food, Drink and Pharmaceutical Industries. 

Products have been tested for absorption of water by the resin surface – where no absorption was found, and also tested for taint and for volatile compounds where no contamination was found.

We have successfully installed thousands of metres of polyurethane screed over the years, and if required can provide references to many projects.


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