Key Systems

  • Floor Seals
  • Floor Coatings
  • High Build Coatings
  • Multi Layer Systems
  • Flow Applied Flooring
  • Resin Screed
  • Heavy Duty Flow Applied
  • Heavy Duty Screed

Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy resins have long been the established choice for resin flooring.  They offer outstanding durability and have excellent abrasion, impact and chemical resistance.

Epoxy resin flooring is available in many formats from coatings to screeds, they are used extensively throughout the industrial environment, and are increasingly also being used in the commercial environment.

Coating Systems – water based and high build coatings to provide economical surface protection and dustproofing

Anti – Slip Systems – variable slip resistance with high abrasion qualities and very good mechanical strength.

Chemical Resistant Systems – solvent free epoxies offering excellent protection from chemical attack

Anti Static Sytems – anti static epoxy flooring to protect from damage caused by electrostatic discharge

Self Smoothing Systems -  highly decorative finishes that can hide many surface imperfections and provide an hygienic, easy to clean and maintain surface.

Screed Systems – heavy duty finishes offering the highest order of impact and abrasion resistance.

Epoxy flooring is available in numerous colourways and textures, offering endless decorative possibilities that not only protects and seals concrete surfaces, but can also provide a safe and enhanced working environment.


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