Stainless Steel

  • Anti Slip Gratings
  • Bespoke Drainage
  • Drain Gullies
  • Kitchen Channel Drains
  • Manhole Covers
  • Manhole Frames
  • Modular Drainage
  • Surface Drains


ACO Drainage

An additional service provided by Duraflor is the installation of stainless steel linear drainage. With increasing demands on providing clean hygienic working areas, resin flooring and linear drainage has increasingly become both a requirement, and solution in many environments.

Generally we install a modular channel system from ACO Drainage. This is a fully tested stainless steel drainage system suitable for most applications and is classified to BS EN 1433 - Drainage channels for vehicular and pedestrian areas.

Manufactured in corrosion resistant 304 grade austenitic stainless steel that is fully pickle passivated, these products offer outstanding performance and longevity is assured.

For particularly chemically aggressive applications, drainage is available in 316 grade stainless steel to special order.

ACO Drainage is available in a wide variety of invert depths and channel falls to suit most applications.  These include level and continual internal fall inverts. Channels also incorporate a Vee bottom for enhanced flow ability and to aid cleaning down.

There is also a wide grating choice available that includes stainless steel, composite and plastic with various loading classes from A15, B125 to C250.




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