About Duraflor

Duraflor are specialist resin flooring contractors with the benefit of over 20 years experience.

As approved contractors to many resin suppliers, we are able to source and install the highest quality Epoxy resin flooring and Polyurethane resin flooring products that are able to cope with the demands of the modern working environment. [...]

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Key Systems

  • Floor Seals
  • Floor Coatings
  • High Build Coatings
  • Multi Layer Systems
  • Flow Applied Flooring
  • Resin Screed
  • Heavy Duty Flow Applied
  • Heavy Duty Screed

Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy resins have long been the established choice for resin flooring.  They offer outstanding durability and have [...]

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Polyurethane Resins

Polyurethanes are the preferred choice for industries that carry out wet processing. Polyurethanes have an impervious chemical [...]

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ACO Drainage

An additional service provided by Duraflor is the installation of stainless steel linear drainage. With increasing demands [...]

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Duraflor UK Ltd
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T: 023 8066 7030
M: 07740 404740
E: info@duraflor.co.uk